Advanced malware continues to place organizational data and network resources at increasing risk. Cybercriminals have developed ways to bypass outdated security techniques that rely on signatures leaving businesses vulnerable to attack.

In this white paper, you will gain:

  • A deeper understanding of advanced malware
  • Insight into how advanced malware evades traditional and next-gen firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways
  • Knowledge of design principles for advanced malware protection
  • An overview of FireEye Malware Protection System

5 Design Principles of Advanced Malware Protection

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In a 2010 poll of chief information security officers and senior IT security directors at Fortune 500 corporations, all respondents stated that they consider malware, whether viruses, Trojans, bots, or other advanced persistent threats, to be a serious threat to their enterprise IT security. A 2011 Ponemon Institute study found that the average 2010 per-incident data breach cost was $7.2 million.1 Advanced malware continues to place organizational data and network resources at increasing risk, with break-ins at RSA Security and Epsilon marketing and the continuing success of Zeus demonstrating the range of targets for these cyber weapons.

The state of IT security has reached this point because traditional defensive technologies have stagnated in the face of a fast-evolving offensive threat. With a strong profit motive and at times nation-state objectives, cyber criminals have aggressively enhanced and upgraded their malware. By working across multiple protocols and on multiple fronts, from unknown OS and application vulnerabilities to social engineering, malware works its way through traditional defensive layers. Victims span all industries from the largest defense contractors and global financial institutions to regional grocery store chains and healthcare networks...

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