Today, federal agencies are under constant attack, targeted by increasingly sophisticated and well-funded criminals and nation-states, and falling victim to advanced persistent threats. More than ever, federal agencies require advanced threat protection capable of identifying—and stopping—these attacks that traditional defenses can't stop.

In this white paper, you will find:

  • Information on the extent to which advanced persistent threats are infiltrating federal agencies
  • The rankings of the top five security concerns by federal CIOs
  • The reasons why federal agencies choose FireEye for signature-less, real-time security against zero-day and advanced targeted attacks

Cyber Attacks on Government: How APT Attacks are Compromising Federal Agencies and How to Stop Them

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Today, federal agencies are under virtually constant attack, targeted by increasingly sophisticated and well-funded criminals and nation-states. The increasing efficacy of advanced persistent threats (APTs) continues to highlight the inadequacies of traditional signature-based defense mechanisms such as firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways—and underscore the need for a new layer of defense. This paper outlines how today’s attacks are infiltrating federal agencies, and reveals the capabilities needed to identify and thwart these attacks.

Federal agencies are increasingly the victims of advanced persistent threats, often comprised of multi-staged, coordinated attacks that feature dynamic malware and targeted spear phishing emails. In fact, in spite of massive investments in IT security infrastructure, on a weekly basis, over 95% of organizations have at least 10 malicious infections* bypass existing security mechanisms and enter the network...

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*Based on FireEye end-user data

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