With the rise of advanced targeted attacks, cybercriminals are able to penetrate the networks of even the most security-conscious organizations. Using sophisticated malware, criminals launch zero-day, targeted APT attacks on organizations over multiple stages and across multiple vectors—including Web and email.

In this FireEye webcast, discover how to protect your network against advanced targeted attacks. You'll find out how to stop the cycle of cyber insecurity and what key criteria to consider when investigating next-generation threat protection.

Key topics covered:

  • Real-time defenses beyond signatures
  • Dynamic analysis of all phases of the attack lifecycle
  • Inbound and outbound filtering across protocols
  • Accurate, low false positive rates
  • Global intelligence to protect the local network

Find out how to protect your organization from advanced attacks.

Living in a State of Cyber Insecurity

Featured Speaker

Aaron Sheridan,
Sr. Systems Security Engineer
FireEye, Inc.

Length: 30 minutes

Watch the Webcast

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