Reimagining security takes more than a breakthrough vision. It takes the right tools and follow-through. This paper explains how to put Adaptive Defense™ into practice, outlining the capabilities needed to prevent, detect, analyze, and resolve today’s threats.

In an adaptive architecture, prevention comes in two forms: preventing many attacks outright, and preventing the worst outcomes of attacks that slip through. Security teams detect threats in minutes — not months. For analysis, adaptive architectures provide full context to give security teams the full picture. And while resolving threats still requires human insight and action, an adaptive posture can speed the process.

Though adaptive approach may require new tools, it isn’t about spending more. It’s about getting the best return on your security investment by directing spending where it makes the most sense. 

In this white paper learn:

  • Why it’s time to reimagine your security architecture 
  • Key metrics to assess your security posture
  • How integrated perimeter, endpoint, and forensics tools work together to quickly detect and resolve threats
  • The seven layers of an adaptive architecture
  • Where to cut back on your security investments and where to invest the savings
  • How to evaluate managed security services providers (MSSPs) 

Security Reimagined, Part 2: Building Out an Adaptive Architecture 

Complimentary White Paper

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