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You may think your existing security defenses prevent advanced targeted attacks from entering your network and stealing your data. They don't.

Advanced attacks easily evade traditional and next-generation firewalls, IPS, AV, and gateways. Your best defense is FireEye, the leader in stopping advanced malware and targeted advanced persistent threats (APT) attacks.

Download the FireEye Tool Kit for Stopping Next-Generation Threats.

  1. White Paper | Advanced Targeted Attacks: Learn why traditional security defenses fail against advanced attacks.
  2. eBook | Definitive Guide to Next-Generation Threat Protection: Comprehensive guide on today's new breed of advanced threats and how next-generation threat protection can fill the gaps in organizations' network defenses
  3. Case Study | Global Manufacturing Company: See how a global manufacturing company with over $13B in sales experienced immediate ROI with FireEye.

*Based on FireEye end-user data

Stop Advanced Attacks from Compromising Your Network.

95% of all networks are compromised.* Is yours secure?

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