Guide to Ransomware Attacks and Response Strategies 


Are You Protected From Ransomware?

Ransomware increased 35% last year. But even more alarming is the recent rise in sophistication and distribution of ransomware.

Ransomware can bring your business to a halt and cause significant financial damage. Unlike the stealthier advanced attacks that can stay undetected on corporate network for months, the impact of ransomware is immediate and intrusive. Cyber attackers don’t need a lot of money, resources or technical sophistication to use ransomware.

Businesses are increasingly concerned about monetary damage, business downtime and other effects of ransomware. Download the white paper to learn more about ransomware and how to successfully combat it.

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    • What is ransomware?
    • Ransomware trends and types of attacks
    • Types of damage caused by ransomware
    • Advanced detection and prevention capabilities to block ransomware
    • Ransomware response strategies to minimize your risk

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Awards and Recognition: