FireEye | Overload: Critical Lessons from 15 Years of ICS Vulnerabilities

Overload: Critical Lessons from 15 Years of ICS Vulnerabilities

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) allow operators to monitor and control crucial industrial and physical processes used in the oil and gas, energy, water, manufacturing, transportation, and chemical industries.

Compromises to these critical infrastructures would be highly disruptive and cause significant harm to consumers, businesses, governments and organizations.

The FireEye threat intelligence team has compiled a report that analyzes over 15 years of research covering 1,552 publicly available ICS vulnerability disclosures and reveals the following:

  • 49% increase in the number of ICS disclosures from 2014 to 2015.
  • 33% of ICS vulnerabilities were zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • 58% of ICS disclosures affect products at Level 2 according to the Purdue ICS architectural model.

Download this special report to get more details, including trends in total ICS vulnerability disclosure and outlook and recommendations for ICS asset owners.


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