The federal CISO faces a unique dilemma: you have to comply with FISMA—upon which agencies spend well more than $1 billion each year—and you must defend against advanced cyber threats.

While the security and privacy controls set by FISMA mean well, complying with these regulations doesn't actually protect government networks from advanced persistent threats. The reality is that every dollar spent on compliance leaves CISOs with fewer remaining sources to combat the advanced cyber attacks federal government agencies are facing, making every dollar count.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • The key characteristics of an advanced, targeted spear phishing attack
  • How advanced persistent threats gain access to networks
  • Why government agencies need next-generation threat protection to ensure they are guarded against cybercriminals

The Federal CISO Dilemma

The Federal CISO Dilemma


Federal CISOs face a unique cyber security challenge – copious amounts of regulatory compliance paperwork. In fact, agencies spend more than one in four cyber dollars on FISMA paperwork – well more than $1 billion each year. At the same time, the federal government responded to more than 106,000 cyber attacks in 2011 – including cyber exploits that injected viruses, stole information, and disrupted federal network operations...

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