The rise of mobile computing in the workplace is unparalleled, unleashing a new wave of worker productivity and workplace flexibility. According to IDG, 36 percent of North American businesses fully support employee-owned mobile devices in the workplace, and nearly half (46 percent) of U.S. workers use their personal mobile devices for work.1

This trend has opened up a new threat vector for organizations already struggling to protect critical business data, intellectual property, and customer data. In 2013, more than a million malicious or high-risk apps for the Android® platform existed in the wild, up sharply from the year before.2 Cyber attackers are scrambling to harness the trove of information mobile devices contain — and leverage it for broader attacks on the enterprise.

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1 IDG. “Mobile Devices Invade the Workplace of the Tech Savvy.” July 2013.

2 Charlie Osborne (ZDNet). “Malicious apps, mobile malware reaches 1 million mark.” October 2013.

Bring Your Own Difficulties: The Emerging Mobile Threat Vector

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