As today’s threat landscape grows ever more complex, defending federal government agencies becomes increasingly challenging. With some of the most critical assets and intelligence to protect, federal agencies need advanced threat protection. And they need to achieve this with limited budgets and resources – all while mapping to federal compliance and regulation mandates. 

In this paper:

  • Learn about the malware “kill-chain” model that is used in today’s advanced attacks
  • Discover what capabilities federal agencies need to combat advanced threats and solve incident response challenges
  • Find out how a forward-looking approach to security can help identify and block previously undetected malware

Advanced Attacks Require Federal Agencies to Reimagine IT Security

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Whether they are launched by hostile nation-states or organized crime, advanced attacks jeopardize the nation’s most sensitive information. In many cases, compromised agencies are oblivious to persistent threats that lurk inside their enterprises for extended periods — sometimes as long as several months. According to the Verizon 2013 Data Breach Investigations Report, 66 percent of breaches are not discovered for months. A big contributor to that delay is the sophistication of today’s advanced malware, which easily bypass traditional signature-based defenses.1

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