The Rise of Security Orchestration: Myths and Truths

Most security programs are understaffed and overwhelmed with alerts, often defined by processes that rely on manual intervention and containment.  They must keep pace with attackers who have access to intellectual resources, computing power and the backbone of the fastest digital delivery networks.

Security orchestration levels the battlefield by bringing together disparate technologies and incident handling processes into a single console and facilitates processes with automation.  The goal is to improve response time, reduce risk exposure and maintain consistent security processes.

Join this webinar with Paul Nguyen, VP of Orchestration and Integration at FireEye and guest speaker Joseph Blankenship of Forrester to learn:
  • Why we are seeing a rise in security orchestration
  • Where the market is moving
  • How to get the most out of orchestration
  • Which orchestration capabilities are "essentials" vs "differentiators"
  • What drivers and functional capabilities will define the market
  • How to best evaluate and deploy orchestration solutions
Register today for the latest on orchestration from FireEye and Forrester experts! 

Featured Speakers

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Paul Nguyen             Joe Blankenship
VP, Orchestration &
Sr. Analyst



Tues, Dec. 6
11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT
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