Today’s organizations continue to fall victim to sophisticated cyber attacks—including zero-day exploits and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). Traditional IT security defenses provide little protection as the cybercriminals and nation-states behind these attacks use targeted approaches and advanced malware to routinely bypass signature-based security defenses.

During 2012, FireEye monitored more than 12 million malware communications and summarized the trends to provide a broader context of the global threat landscape. Findings include:

  • Malware has become a multinational activity, with Asia and Eastern Europe hotspots driving advanced cyber attacks
  • Most APT callback activities are associated with the Gh0st RAT tool that originated in China
  • Techniques for disguising callback communications are becoming more sophisticated

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The Advanced Cyber Attack Landscape

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When seeking to root out corruption, journalists and detectives are taught to follow the money. When seeking to understand and combat today’s new breed of cyber attacks, security teams are well advised to follow the callbacks—the traffic that flows from compromised devices to CnC servers. Drawing on end-user data gathered by the FireEye Malware Protection System™, this report provides an in-depth look at the callback activity associated with this new breed of cyber attacks, including sophisticated malware and APTs that are compromising organizations. This report provides new, unprecedented intelligence on the types and locations of organizations being targeted, as well as the locations of the CnC servers used in these attacks.

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