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Security as a Service
Four Elements of Future-Proof Security

Organizations constantly fight to protect their data and reputation from increasingly resourceful attackers in an ever evolving threat landscape. They face a shortage of security experts, inefficient processes, and multiple siloed point products.

Engaging in a Security as a Service model will help your security team overcome these issues. It’s more than cloud security – it’s a new way to think about security.

Download the white paper and learn what makes security as a service effective:

  • Expertise on demand: an extension to your security team that can continuously monitor your network and offer various consulting services as needed
  • Answers not alerts: informative validated alerts with context so you can prioritize responses and take appropriate actions
  • Flexibility: easy deployment options and scalable solutions to give you the security you need, when you need it
  • Efficient interoperability: includes APIs to streamline and automate processes across all your existing security technologies

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  • Why alerts are not fool-proof
  • Why having more consoles may not be the answer to your security needs
  • How your IT team may not be prepared to handle critical alerts
  • How long it takes other organizations to respond to alerts, and how you compare
  • Why outsourcing could save you money and mitigate risk