FireEye | Follow the Money: Dissecting the Operations of FIN6

FireEye Threat Intelligence Follow the Money: Dissecting the Operations of FIN6

From Intrusion to Underground Card Shop

The more you know about a cyber threat group, the better the chance you’ll be able to detect and respond to its attacks. To that end, FireEye used its threat intelligence from global deployments, threat analysts’ research and the tracking of threat actors to examine the group FIN6.

Download the report on FIN6’s operations to steal payment card data and sell that information to an underground card shop.

Learn about:

  • Financial Threats, or FIN groups such as FIN6—who they are and what they want
  • The group’s attack lifecycle, including the use of GRABNEW malware to capture valid user credentials
  • The criminal ecosystem that supports FIN6 operations

Be prepared for FIN6. Download the report now.


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