Looking Forward: The 2016 Security Landscape | FireEye

Looking Forward: The 2016 Security Landscape 

This year, cyber criminals have stepped up their attacks with innovative tactics and technology and have expanded their scope to include new target industries and countries. 

What will 2016 bring?

Download our report with predictions based on global market and threat research as well as executive perspectives on what the coming year will bring. Topics include:

  • Where cyber criminals will strike
  • How the Internet of Things could help them
  • What makes Apple’s ecosystem a likely target for the future
  • Why infrastructure-based attacks will increase

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  • Why alerts are not fool-proof
  • Why having more consoles may not be the answer to your security needs
  • How your IT team may not be prepared to handle critical alerts
  • How long it takes other organizations to respond to alerts, and how you compare
  • Why outsourcing could save you money and mitigate risk