Forrester Research: What You Need to Plan for Failure

Your systems will be breached. That’s not sensationalism. It’s simply inevitable.

The consequences of a breach are the loss of customer data and current customers, increased risk for customers’ and partners’ systems, and losses in credibility, future customers, and investors. Organizations that equate incident response to minimum legal compliance are likely to lose far more than the average of $3.5 million dollars1.

Forrester Research has compiled the “Planning for Failure” report to help you understand the elements of a thoughtful, well-implemented incident response plan:

  • Assembly of a skilled cross-functional response team
  • Assessment and analysis of risks and threats
  • Creation, training, and enforcement of security and incident response policies and procedures
  • Testing and updating the plan itself

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1Ponemon Institute. “Ponemon Institute Releases 2014 Cost of Data Breach: Global Analysis.” May 2014.

Forrester Report: Planning for Failure

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