Stop Cyber Attacks Where They Start: How to Fortify Your Endpoint Security

Traditional endpoint solutions were designed to deal with static, known threats. They accumulate large threat databases and signatures and when matches are found the threat is blocked. This approach simply does not work against today’s advanced and unknown attacks. And while organizations must protect every single endpoint, both traditional and mobile, an attacker only needs to compromise one to cause damage.

Register now for this webinar where you will:

  • Learn why protecting the multitude of endpoints is an on-going challenge

  • Find out the importance behind detection and containment on all types of endpoints from PC to mobile

  • Hear how FireEye offerings can help proactively protect against unknown threats on the endpoint

The FireEye Team

Featured Speakers

Rajiv Raghunarayan
Dan Reis
Rajiv RaghunarayanDan Reis
Director, Product Marketing     
Director, Product Marketing
Endpoint Security



Thursday, July 30, 2015
8:00 am PT/11:00 am ET 

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