Know Your Enemy:  New Financially-Motivated & Spear-Phishing Group

Beginning in January 2016, Mandiant identified a financially-motivated threat actor that launched several tailored, spear-phishing campaigns—targeting industries that process large volumes of consumer credit cards such as retail, restaurant, and hospitality. To date, Mandiant has seen this group at over 150 organizations. This group is interesting due to the large number of organizations they quickly targeted, how quickly they shift tools, tactics, and procedures (TTPs), and their unusual persistence in attempting to re-compromise an organization after remediation.

During this conversation, we will walk through examples from several Mandiant investigations of this groups activity. We will take a technical look at this threat actor's TTPs as well as talk about what to look for to determine if they are active in your environment.

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Steve Elovitz
Manager, Consulting Services
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Ian Ahl
Manager, Incident Response


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