Cyber Defense Lessons Learned in 2017 for a More Secure 2018​

Cyber security attackers become more innovative each year and threat activities have expanded globally. Coverage of cyber attacks by major media outlets continues to rise year after year.

Looking back at news headlines leaves us asking two questions: What didn’t work in cyber defense in 2017? What can be done to be better prepared for future attacks?

We will address those questions and many others during our webinar, “Cyber Defense Lessons Learned in 2017 for a More Secure 2018.” Tune in to learn about:

  • The more disruptive opportunistic attacks in 2017
  • More advanced and increasingly frequent attacks being carried out by nation-states

Featured Spearkers

Jeff Groman
Mandiant Senior Manager
FireEye Inc.

Chris Porter
Chief Intelligence Strategist
FireEye, Inc.

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