Containing the Career Impact of Cybercrime

Cyber Truths and CEOs
Security industry experts say that the nature and complexity of today’s cyberattacks are beyond the scope of even the largest companies. Big brand companies once thought to be impenetrable, have fallen victim to targeted cyberattacks inflicting significant financial damages to their businesses.  

Financial Fall Out and Executive Reputation
Such breaches are hitting corporations where it hurts the most: the bottom line. A prominent bank recently felt the staggering loss of $81 million resulting from a breach. This is just one example of what’s at risk today.

Elevate and Propagate
Battling hackers, state actors and sophisticated cybercrime organizations may seem like a daunting task. Yet with the right preparation, executives from CISOs to board members can help mitigate damage from breaches and avoid a catastrophic, cybersecurity disaster.  

Please join us as FireEye and HPE Chief Technology Officers reveal a five-point tactical plan to mitigate risk and keep your reputation intact. What you’ll learn:

  • Creating a Risk Profile to assess your organization’s risk level.
  • CEO engagement - understanding the amount of time, resources and commitment needed to minimize threat exposure.
  • Roles and investment - guidelines for technology, personnel, and budget.
  • Risks and ramifications - pinpoint the gaps.
  • Seek the advice of experts - don’t stake your reputation by going it alone.

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The HPE FireEye Team

Date/Time                      Speakers                                                                    
Thurs., Feb. 23
11 a.m. ET/8 a.m. PT



Chris Leach
Chief Technologist, HPE

Josh Goldfarb
VP & CTO, Emerging Technologies, FireEye

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