The Board and Cyber Security – What’s required in the preparation for and response to a breach?

A recent slew of high-profile data breaches among well-known companies has drawn attention to the critical role that corporate directors play in cyber security. Boards are increasingly involved in assessing the risk, improving the security profile and managing the often highly publicized consequences of a breach for the companies they advise. 

But as directors are quickly learning, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for dealing with serious data breaches. Every incident is unique.

However, there are important steps boards can – and should – take to prepare for and effectively respond to cyber attacks.

Join us in this webinar, where you will learn:

  • The key steps to prepare for and respond to a breach. This will draw on our extensive experience in helping companies prepare for and combat cyber attacks and will provide some best practices to follow for directors and top executives.
  • How to forge an action plan to follow before, during and after a breach.
  • How to protect your most valuable assets and minimize damage to the company and its reputation.

We look forward to welcoming you to the webinar.

Featured Speakers

Richard Turner
President, EMEA
FireEye, Inc.

David Ferbrache OBE
Technical Director, Cyber Security

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