Cloud computing and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) workplace policies are expanding the endpoints in IT infrastructures — and more complexity when it comes to investigating cyber attacks. The SANS 2013 Report on Digital Forensics and Incident Response Survey reveals some of the major difficulties that security professionals face in this new environment and how to better prepare for future investigations. Collecting responses from more than 450 security professionals across a range of industries and company sizes, the survey found that nearly 90 percent of respondents had conducted at least one forensics investigation within the last two years. But just 54 percent called their digital forensics capabilities “reasonably effective.”

Download your copy of the SANS 2013 Report on Digital Forensics and Incident Response Survey to learn about these top challenges in cloud computing and BYOD environments:

  • Legal issues of ownership and privacy
  • Lack of standards and tools
  • Lack of skills, training, and certifications on proper methodology
  • Lack of visibility

SANS 2013 Report on Digital Forensics and Incident Response Survey

Complimentary Report


The computing landscape continues to diversify, moving away from PC-derived hardware to include new technologies. Mobile devices, BYOD policies, and embedded systems complicate many investigations. Cloud and virtualized environments are increasingly part of the picture and present their own challenges.

The survey results indicate that many challenges to digital forensics come with the deployment of these “new” platforms. However, survey participants report that they are already engaging these environments and embracing their challenges with the help of a variety of tools and processes available today. A large percentage of respondents are also relying on home-developed tools and processes, and organizations indicate an equal need for improvement in both their own tools and commercial offerings.

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