Regional Advanced Threat Report: Asia Pacific 1H 2015 | FireEye

Regional Advanced Threat Report:
Asia Pacific H1 2015

The FireEye Regional Advanced Threat Report for Asia and the Pacific (APAC) provides an overview of advanced persistent threats (APT) that targeted APAC computer networks and were discovered by FireEye during the first half of 2015.

This report discusses our findings based on data from the FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence (DTI) cloud and their potential implications on organizations within APAC. 

In short, threat actors are intensifying the frequency and intensity of attacks on APAC organizations, as compared to previous years. Thailand and India are being aggressively targeted. Threat actors continue to focus on infrastructure industries to steal personal data and business strategies, gain a competitive advantage or degrade operational reliability. 

The report details:

  • Countries most frequently targeted by APTs and experiencing command and control (CnC) callbacks
  • Industries receiving the most attention from threat actors
  • Top 10 signature families and top 5 malware families affecting the APAC region
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