Crisis Communication After an Attack

Are you prepared?
It’s headline news.  Cyber attackers are increasingly more sophisticated and data breaches are becoming common place.  Some say “it’s not a question of if you’ll be breached, but when”.  You need a plan.

Even the most security-conscious organizations are not prepared for the necessary actions needed to gain control after a cyberattack. Preparing an emergency response communication plan keeps stakeholders informed following a breach.   

Communication is key.
Smart organizations view their security crisis-communication plan as an ongoing necessity. Get ahead of the reactive situation and decrease the uncertainty.  Involve the company’s top leaders across the cross-functional organization.  

Get operational in real time.
You can’t control the communication cycle without having done some work in advance.  A well-developed crisis response plan with different scenarios will train your team to operate in real time when the inevitable occurs.   

Be prepared.  Register today and learn the building blocks of a strong crisis-communication plan for your organization. 

Featured Speakers

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Chris Leach
Chief Technologist

Vitor De Souza
VP, Global Communications



Wed, Oct. 19
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