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The 2016 Security Landscape in EMEA

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The 2016 Security Landscape in EMEA

2015 saw cyber attacks and data breaches go from obscure ideas to a mainstream problem. The year was filled with one-off incidents to longer-term activity from advanced actors. With the attack surface and threat landscape constantly shifting and evolving, next year is bound to keep IT staffers, vulnerability seekers and security researchers hard at work.

Our experts at FireEye are able to very accurately predict the trends and ultimately stay ahead of the curve due to far-reaching visibility, as well as access to vast amounts of valuable intelligence.

To help prepare for 2016, FireEye experts have used this intelligence and got together to give their take on what to expect in the coming year.

Download the report and get access to the top five FireEye 2016 Security Predictions for EMEA.


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  • Why alerts are not fool-proof
  • Why having more consoles may not be the answer to your security needs
  • How your IT team may not be prepared to handle critical alerts
  • How long it takes other organizations to respond to alerts, and how you compare
  • Why outsourcing could save you money and mitigate risk