Grum, the world's third-largest botnet, included a network of hundreds of thousands of infected computers perpetrating cybercrime and online fraud that had an impact on consumers and organizations worldwide. Cybercriminals were able to build the Grum botnet by taking advantage of gaps inherent in traditional signature-based defenses.

In July 2012, FireEye sr. staff scientist Atif Mushtaq reported on the FireEye Malware Intelligence Lab blog that FireEye had successfully led the takedown of Grum in collaboration with SpamHaus, CERT-GB, and local ISPs.

View this 50-minute webcast now for an exlusive look into taking down one of the world's largest botnets with the primary scientist involved in the takedown.

Key topics covered:

  • Distinct strategies for botnet takedowns
  • Evolution of the Grum botnet
  • Role of the research community in finding Grum master CnC servers
  • A blow-by-blow account of how the criminals tried to salvage Grum and what's next

An Inside Look at Botnets from the Scientist Who Led the Grum Takedown

Taking Down the World's Largest Botnets

Featured Speaker

Atif Mushtaq,
Sr. Staff Scientist
FireEye, Inc.

Watch the Webcast

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