The threat landscape is changing. Cybercriminals and nation-states are quickly outpacing older, signature-based technologies. That's why, despite over $20B spent annually on IT security1, over 95% of companies2 harbor advanced malware within their network. The "Advanced Targeted Attacks" white paper offers insight into how organizations can regain the upper hand against these kinds of advanced attacks.

In this white paper, you will learn:

  • How the nature of today's advanced targeted attacks, such as the 2011 RSA attack, is changing
  • Why traditional security defenses fail against advanced targeted attacks
  • How FireEye plugs the IT security hole with signature-less, real-time, next-generation threat protection

Advanced Targeted Attacks
How to Protect Against the Next Generation of Cyber Attacks

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Next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems (IPS), anti-virus, and security gateways are not adequately protecting organizations from advanced targeted attacks. With over $20B spent annually on IT security, nearly all of it is spent on outdated, signature-based technology. Signature-based defenses only stop known threats, not the unknown, dynamic attacks being used today. This is why over 95% of companies harbor advanced malware within their network despite the many layers of traditional defenses organizations have deployed...

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1 Gartner, Market Share: Security Software, Worldwide, 2012
2 Based on FireEye end-user data

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